The following comments/compliments are taken from actual patient letters and cards.

"Great customer service! I have been treated with respect and compassion."
--Amber Grubb 

"I was diagnosed properly, given proper exercises, and treated by a knowledgable and professional staff."
--Joe Aberle 

"Thank you for all of your professional care, with patience, listening, and providing the best care for all of your patients."
--Ray Barnhart and Family 

"A knee injury made it difficult for me to walk, work, exercise, or enjoy life to the fullest. Physical therapy helped me regain my active lifestyle and I can enjoy life without pain!"
--Paula Petry 

"Staff is very caring when working with their patients. They are always at their best in everything they do."
--Paulette Wondercheck 

"I like the way the staff treats me as a person."
--Dave Larmer 

"GPT has far exceeded my expectations. Even though I anticipate pain on my visits, I still look forward to coming!"
--Lori Thompson 

"I’d recommend you to anyone. I’m very satisfied with your service."
--Karen Coffee 

"I have never had to have any kind of therapy before. Truthfully, I didn’t think it would be worth the time or the money. Thanks for proving me wrong and getting me back on my feet again."
--Diana Adams 

"GPT is a great place to go get help with your rehabilitation needs."
--Noel Harrison 

"GPT is great. You guys know what you’re doing and you are professional and friendly."
--Sandy Wilder

"I have definitely known GPT for at least 15 plus years and I have never seen a business like theirs. They are excellent, nice, and great in all areas of business. They have helped me in so many ways and so many times."
--Sara Goosetree

"When I am being treated by a member of the staff they are concentrating on me and my care only. They are not running around unfocused and multitasking uncaringly."
--Catie Long

"I could have not found a better place for my rehab. I have used others in town previously. GPT exceeds all my expectations. Others, not so much."
--Glen Hill

"Everyone shows genuine concern and addresses my needs."
--George Biglen